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For large format roll-to-roll graphics printing, experience unprecedented print speed, quality, and cost-effective operation powered by Canon UVgel technology. The Canon Colorado series printers fill the current gap in the roll-to-roll production market so that Print Service Providers (PSPs) now have a clear choice that will deliver real production efficiency while lowering operating costs, resulting in growing profits.

Canon FLXfinish technology, a new approach to LED curing allows the user to choose between matte or gloss modes for each individual print to achieve different finishes, removing the need to change inks or media.

Canon Colorado 1630

The Colorado 1630 is the smart investment choice for Print Service Providers looking for a cost effective, modular solution to meet their current and future business needs. This new addition in the Colorado series of products offers access to the proven benefits of UVgel technology at a lower investment level. Thanks to its wide range of commercial options, it can be configured according to your unique business needs.

Key Product Highlights

Canon Colorado 1640

The Canon Colorado 1640 wide format printer fills the gap between current technologies in the roll-to-roll production market. Print service providers now have a clear choice when it comes to a graphics printing system that will help deliver real production efficiency while lowering their operating costs, enabling them to profitably grow their business. Print volumes have continued to grow in the wide format marketplace for several years now and turnaround times continue to shrink as well. 

Key Product Highlights

Canon Colorado 1650

The Canon Colorado 1650 with Canon FLXfinish technology allows print providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications. Produce more output in less time at a lower cost through innovative Canon UVgel technology.

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ARIZONA UV Flatbed Printers

All Canon Arizona UV flatbed printers are all based on an Canon developed platform that, on the majority of models, combines a true large format flatbed printer design and an optional separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. Canon Arizona XT, XTF and XTS flatbed UV printer models offer the ability to print onto rigid media up to 98″ wide x 120″ long and up to 2″ thick. Canon Arizona GT flatbed printing models can accommodate a standard 4′ x 8′ board for rigid printing. The Roll Media Option available for the Canon Arizona GT and XT large format flatbed models provides the ability to print onto flexible media up to 87 inches wide.

Canon Arizona 1300

Canon Arizona 1300 Flatbed Printer

A true flatbed architecture for high quality, versatile printing on rigid substrates up to 2 inches thick, the stationary table design of the Canon Arizona allows printing onto irregular shaped items without requiring any special jig. Due to the extreme table flatness, the Canon Arizona image sharpness is consistent everywhere on the table surface. Coupled with the excellent dot placement accuracy this means we can print a drop of ink on top of a drop of ink and produce texture. The Canon Touchstone software was developed exactly to take advantage of this feature and makes file preparation and printing of texture extremely easy.

Key Product Highlights

Canon Arizona 2300

Canon Arizona 2300 Flatbed Printer

Enjoy a mind-blowing application range, instant-on capability and self-learning technology that will help you further your expertise – and business. Rely on instant-on printing and incredible, creative applications print after print, year after year. The Arizona 2300 series is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of printers who require production capacity of over 300,000 ft2/year, or a peak capacity of approximately 13,000 ft2/week. Rock-solid in its basic configuration and ready for upgrades such as the Roll Media Option and additional ink channels, including our brightest ever white UV ink.

Key Product Highlights

Canon Arizona 135GT

Canon Arizona 135GT Flatbed Printer

The Arizona 135 is the smart choice that enables sign makers and print service providers to open up exciting new commercial opportunities. It provides easy access to the award-winning Arizona series: renowned for its incredible quality, impressive reliability and excellent Total Cost of Ownership.

Key Product Highlights

Canon Arizona 365GT

Canon Arizona 365GT Flatbed Printer

Canon Arizona Series UV flatbed printers are quite simply a technology disruption: UV curable flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printers that deliver exceptional image quality to take display graphics to the next level. Use them to add new services by printing wide format photo-quality images on virtually any media imaginable. Take on work that was never before possible with lesser quality wide format printing systems. Canon Arizona Series flatbed printers give you endless opportunities to increase your display graphics revenue.

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Large Format Cutters

Colex Sharpcut

The Sharpcut™ Digital Flatbed Cutter and Finishing System is an entry level flatbed cutter for those looking to grow their business. This complete turnkey cutting solution helps automate a print service provider’s workflow and reduce costs associated with the finishing process of wide format output. The Sharpcut™ digital flatbed cutting system can help open doors to new application opportunities and tap into new revenue streams.

Key Product Highlights

Canon 50" Graphtec

Expanding your business and creativity all in one package. This cut & contour bundle helps you optimize your business by reducing time and manual work. With intuitive software and precise high-speed cutting, this bundle offers you an output solution to partner with your large format printing.

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Equipment Leasing

Financing is available to help you and your business to reach your goals. We can help you choose the best options with fast turnaround on credit decisions.

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