Large Format Printing

For decades, B&H Technical Services, Inc. has specialized in large format print services. From blueprint machines to pen plotters to the multi-functional color toner and inkjet based processes of today, we have always stayed ahead. We offer traditional black and white and color plan printing, water and tear resistant prints, and a vast array of outdoor media.

We offer everything from a single oversized copy to a complete package of bid sets including engineering prints and architectural plans and specifications to help ensure your firm looks professional while helping you design, bid and build effectively.

B/W & Color CAD Plan Printing

Digital Printing

B&H Technical Services, an expert in digital printing.  Digital printing allows for on demand printing, short turn around, and even a modification of the image with each impression.  The savings in labor and capability of a digital press means better overall value.

Signs • Banners • Wall Coverings • Custom Graphics

B&W Printing
Color Printing


B&W Copies
Color Copies

Scanning & Archiving

Key Product Highlights

B&H Technical Services, Inc. specializes in the conversion of paper documents to electronic images. Save space, preserve your documents and have a backup in case of a disaster causing fire or water damage.

Whether it is boxes of files, depositions, testimony, court records, pictures, architectural or engineering drawings, plats, deeds, specifications, O&M operations and maintenance manuals, maps, or forms processing, we can scan and convert them into readable and searchable PDF files. Bates Numbering (numbers with definable prefixes and suffixes burned into a margin) and Book Marking are available.

We also offer large format scanners for your location.

Technical Document Printing

Do you need technical documents printed? Click the button to upload your files now.

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